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Increase your Website strength by adding backlinks

The process of Search engine optimization involves a number of factors which are complex in nature. Most businesses build websites and the process ends there. This is more like giving birth to a child and the parent will not feed the child. That child will have stunted growth as they are lacking required nutrients required to grow. This is the best way I can explain and highlight the importance of SEO after your website is live. In-fact, the process starts way before designing your website by identifying strategies on how to drive traffic to your website. Having a website is great, however this will render the whole process of having a website meaningless if your website is not even appearing in search engines.

Taking additional measures such as optimising your content on your website, creating social media profiles, strategically placing your content on other websites, social media profiles, local press, and Blogs, this will increase your website authority resulting in increased domain strength.

SEO is not a one off event, however is an ongoing process requiring dedication, financial investments and patience and worth it in the long-term. Light Digital Marketing will obtain quality backlinks related to your niche as part of our client's Off-Page SEO efforts.

Guest Blogs

Many websites will allow you to publish content on their website. By so doing, you will receive contextual backlinks giving you a significant rankings boost. Contact us and we can discuss how we can assist your business have access to these backlinks.

Using Press & Media

Getting access to local journalists can increase your brand awareness. For example getting access to a local journalist to publish your new business launch will in turn result in increased revenue to your business. Also, a local journalist can publish your business and in turn provide you a link back to your website. This is because when your business was mentioned in the publication, you will receive a contextual link in the article, This has so many advantages as this results in increased domain strength. These sources are trusted by Google and having your business mentioned in these publications increases your publicity.

Social Media

Google utilises social media signals as a direct ranking factor. Therefore, it entails that when you open up social media signals for your business, your rankins will in turn rise.

Having your website mentioned and shared on social media results in your business will rank as compared to a business not utilising social media. A website that is being mentioned on social media will not rank as opposed to a website that is being shared.

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